A few days ago I was invited to talk about peace education on MyCy Radio, and in particular at the 'Emerging Voices' radio show hosted by Christina Demetriades. MyCy radio is unique, not only in that it is the only radio in Cyprus stemming from a community media organisation, but also due to its location at Ledra Palace, in the middle of the Buffer Zone, in Nicosia. 

It was a wonderful opportunity for peace educators across the divide to come together and exchange ideas and experiences with regards to peace education in Cyprus. We need more such examples of researchers and practitioners coming together and working towards a common goal. Thanks again to MyCy Radio, the CCMC, and of course Christina for inviting us! 

You can listen to the show using the link here (discussion starts at 10:00). The total duration of the show is one hour. Enjoy!

We discussed topics such as:

  • What is peace education?
  • Why is peace education necessary in Cyprus?
  • What are some examples of peace education initiatives in Cyprus?
  • What are some obstacles to peace education in Cyprus, and in particular (my area of expertise), what is the nature of resistance to peace education in Cyprus in media discourses?
  • The labelling of peace educators as 'traitors' by extreme nationalists and why this is problematic
  • Recommendations for peace education in Cyprus

If you do happen do listen to the show, and you agree/disagree/have something to add, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment below!

Eleni :)

Picture{Peace Educators at the Buffer Zone, Nicosia, right after the radio show. From left to right: Loizos Loukaides, Mehves Beyidoglu, Eleni (me), Christina Demetriades, Eleni Kotziamani}

Christina Demetriades
22/1/2014 03:38:03 pm

Eleni mou it was an honour and a pleasure to host you and your colleagues on the debut of the Emerging Voices radio show at MyCy radio! We covered a lot in that one hour. Thank you so much for your valuable contribution!! All the best with PEP :)

Eleni Christodoulou
22/1/2014 03:51:17 pm

Thanks Christina! Indeed we did cover quite a few issues. You did a great job of moderating a discussion with four Cypriots haha! And it's not often that such topics are touched upon on the radio, so let's hope this is just the beginning...

4/8/2014 02:32:33 pm

This is the first time I encounter the term "Peace Education". I did not know that such thing exists. I hope that students enrolled in this kind of subject will be able to help promote peace in the world. - Maude, writer

7/11/2015 01:48:38 am

I am 100% at your back for this road safety forum you are having. It's a great way of instilling to the people the value of safety when on the road and thus, preventing any accidents from happening. In our country, the rate of minor road accidents seems to rise so this forum would be helpful especially if attended by people mainly using the road for transportation.

4/12/2015 01:47:14 am

It is just what I was looking for and quite thorough as well. Thanks for posting this, I saw a couple other similar posts but yours was the best so far. The ideas are strongly pointed out and clearly emphasized.

22/8/2017 04:36:59 am

The main radio in Cyprus coming from a group media association, yet in addition because of its area at Ledra Palace, amidst the Buffer Zone, in Nicosia City. Lovely projects that you are working on it.


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